Electric Fence Systems

Gallagher Power Fence (electric fence) systems provide all the products you need to build a safe, cost effective electric fence system.

Compared to a conventional non-electrified fence an electric fence system offers many advantages. It acts as a psychological barrier and is therefore safer than a traditional fence. Animals remember the short, sharp but safe shock and learn to avoid the fence, thereby reducing the change of injury and the amount of wear and tear to your fence.

Electric fences are also very economical costing as much as 50% less than traditional non-electrified fences. An electric fence is also easier and takes less time to build, saving you time and money.

Electric fencing is ideal for containing all types of animals: from horses, sheep and cattle to elephants, tigers and even chimpanzees. A Gallagher Power Fence System is renowned worldwide as a safe, trusted fencing solution.

Visit the what is electric fencing and what are the uses and benefits of electric fencing sections to find out more.

You can also download our 'Keep Safe with Electric Fences' flyer to find out the 'do's and don'ts' of electric fencing on farms.


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